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debt counselling versus consolidation loan - 2014-11-13

Debt Review or Debt Consolidation- An Example You may wonder whether debt review is the right option for you in dealing with your debt. You may have heard stories both positive and negative about debt review but still be unsure if it is the right way to go. Should you look into debt consolidation rather?   How does debt review actually ... more

Proposed amendments to credit information - 2014-08-20

"Credit Information" Amendment of regulation 18 of the Regulations Regulation 18 is hereby deleted, and replaced with: Regulation 18(4)(c) "considering a candidate for employment in a position that requires honesty in dealing with cash or finances." Amendment of Regulation 19 of the Regulations Regulation 19 of the Regulat... more

National Credit Amendment Bill: No more reckless lending - 2014-05-21

   Afrikaans Text       Print       Email   National Credit Amendment Bill: No more reckless lending Posted on  06 May 2014   Loopholes... more

changes to the NCA - 2014-03-27

The National Assembly (27/02/2014) and the National Council for Provinces (26/03/2014) have both adopted the Amendments to the NCA Bill (all unanimously). The Bill is now sent to the President to be signed into Law. As this Bill is marked as “Consumer Protection” and (very) fast tracked (its history has shown us that) we expect enactmen... more